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Nano HealthBeauty created Supplement, Cosmetics, Nano Calcium, and NanoCollagen by using Nano material.

Nano Calcium

Characteristic of nano calcium

-Produceby international patented "dry nano grinding machine"

-Particle'sshape becomes spherical (it helps to penetrate and absorb in any angle)

-Allthe particles goes 'Brownian Motion' through electrical and magnetic state (not natural recombination)

-Itworks as delivery function  and even ifthere is not enough vitamin D, it is delivered and  when there is necessary amountthen it emits through blood (it is safe because it doesn’t raise blood calciumlevel)

anelectron microscope picture of Nano Ca

Effectiveness of nano calcium

Thereis 'public data' proving the growth of bone density.


Specific osteoporosisdiagnostic criteria uses percentage of Z-score, T-score  of bone density test. T-score is comparedvalue of average bone density of young healthy adults and diagnosed asfollowing criteria.


(1) Normal T score is -1 or more
(2) Osteoporosis T score isbetween -1 -2.5 value
(3) Osteoporosis T score is -2.5or less

(4) Severe osteoporosis(established osteoporosis) can be defined if T-score is less than -2.5 and havemore than one fracture.

Awarded the Innovation Award at the world's largest US IFT International Food Expo


Animal testing data

Use of mouse forprevention and curing of osteoporosis with nano-calcium enhanced milk.

OVX 1 : group of taking normalmilk without enhanced calcium
OVX 2 : group of taking calciumcarbonate enhanced milk

OVX 3 : group of taking ioniccalcium-fortified milk
OVX 4 : group of taking nanocalcium fortified milk

Induced osteoporosis of mouse's bone densityArea ratio of induced osteoporosis of mouse's bone trabecular

The research result proves that taking nano-calciumwith milk is more effective for improving and preventing osteoporosis.

Picture of induced osteoporosis of mouse's tibia bone trabecular



KoreanNational Medical Center went through clinical trials of 50 osteoporosis patientduring 1 to 6 month and in result most of the patient's bone density haveimproved.


■Clinical currentstate -K. H. Kim (2 months taking-68 years)

Before takingAfter taking 3 months

■Clinical currentstate -S. L. Seo (2 months taking-53-year-old)

Before takingAfter taking 3 months

■Clinical current state-B. S. Lee (3 months the 27th -74 years)

Before takingAfter taking 3 months


Ingredients sourced to the highest standard

The Nano Calcium contained in our products is made from fossilized oyster shells collected from the Caribbean seafloor.
These fossilized oyster shells, hundreds of thousands of years old, contain no contamination from pollutants and are highly valued for their purity.
Oyster shells contain a mineral concentration much higher than other commonly used shells and coral.

our Nano Calcium undergoes a 3-step cleaning process, ensuring that no unwanted components
remain, and are then bathed in the sun for two years. They are US FDA approved as a high quality material.

Recruiting distributor

Nanopiti Series

Nanopiti Series

For the beauty salon, spa, hair salon and department store

The Nanopiti series of Health Food and Cosmetic contains nano
collagen to provide inner and outer beauty. Also providing healthy
nutrients for the body with a safe and stable formula, it is a popular
product for the beauty salon.

<Product line>
●Nanopiti Jelly (cosmetic use / Health Food)
●Nanopiti Massage Oil
●Nanopiti Collagen Powder (for use of handmade cosmetic formula)
●Nanopiti Bath Salts
Nano Calcium

Nano Calcium

For the pharmacy, hospital, clinic and department store

Recognized by the US FDA as a treatment method for osteoporosis and patented in
Japan as a method for maintaining bone dexterity. Our Nano Calcium is a
nano-sized nutritional supplement that allows for calcium uptake at a rate many
times greater than conventional methods.

<Product line>
●Miracle Nano/Nano Ca (contains glucosamine and chondroitin)

September, 2014
Nano Health Beauty's Nano Calcium has acquired International Patent!
March, 2013
FDA has determined as a Drug!
October, 2009
Exhibited in ‘Food Development Exhibition 2009’
Febrary, 2009
Launched ‘Nano collagen100’
October, 2007
Launched ‘Nano calcium’
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