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Nano HealthBeauty created Supplement, Cosmetics, Nano Calcium, and NanoCollagen by using Nano material.


Nano is

Unit of NanoNan material is latest Nano technology using "dry type NANO3 dimensional mill process" which was grounded by 30~600nanometer.

As shown in the right table, a nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

A nanometer is size of one-thousandth of one in cross section of diameter of a hair. You can notice how small it is.

Converting health food formula into Nano to obtain high absorption level has been done, but it was difficult to convert the formula into nano for health food and cosmetic due to oxidation and heat manufacturing technique.

However, patent manufacturing method of dried process of 3D mill has been developed as world's first to prevent destroying and losing nutrient and it made it possible to provide low price nano material for health food.

Explanations about nano size.

Explanations about nano size.There are many nano converted calcium and "Nano-" labeled products but it only means the adjective word 'small'. NHB nano-formula is measured with an electron microscope for its size and verified by the research institute.

Due to its sphere shape it shows excellent absorption level.

In before grinding and after grinding, it becomes sphere shape after grinding.Nano conversion of health food and cosmetic shows excellent absorption level.
Furthermore, our nano material shape is sphere and it can absorb in any angle.

Our first nano material product "Nano Calcium" proves high absorption level and helps preventing osteoporosis.

All dryable materials are possible to convert in nano.

Our company has accomplished following materials for nano conversion besides commercialized product of nano calcium and nano collagen.


Nano chitosan, nano mulberry leaves, Korean ginseng etcEEE

September, 2014
Nano Health Beauty's Nano Calcium has acquired International Patent!
March, 2013
FDA has determined as a Drug!
October, 2009
Exhibited in ‘Food Development Exhibition 2009’
Febrary, 2009
Launched ‘Nano collagen100’
October, 2007
Launched ‘Nano calcium’
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